Finally! A Youth Motivational Speaker That Teens Are Genuinely Inspired By

Student leaders are riveted by his Mount Everest climbing stories.
Educators love his leadership and goal-setting messages.

Every Major Youth Organization in America Has Trusted John Beede to Keynote Their National Conferences

+ hundreds of events at schools, assemblies, competitions, camps, ceremonies, in 48 states and 6 countries.

Rock Climbing
= Amazing Event


Who is This Youth Motivational Speaker?

John has climbed to the top of the tallest mountain on every continent, including Mount Everest. In fact, more people have orbited in space than have climbed these '7 Summits.' He has survived hurricanes, earthquakes, avalanches, tribal warfare, and was once struck by lightning.
He is the author of three books, two specifically for youth, including Climb On! Success Strategies for Teens and The Warrior Challenge.

In his keynote presentations, John teaches a researched, proven, and powerful goal-setting formula that teens actually use. 

Your student leaders will learn John’s goal-achievement system that put him on the summits of Earth’s tallest mountains. Combining  leadership lessons with jaw-dropping mountaineering stories and hilarious audience interaction, John is a sure-fire speaker for your event.

Consistently rated one of the top motivational speaker for teens during his 16 years as a professional youth speaker, John and his  "Climb On Success Strategies" are loved by students and educators alike. 

Everest Climbing Stories Combined with High-Altitude Success Strategies for Teens

Youth Motivational Speaker
Finally, a Super-Entertaining, Proven, and Impactful Youth Motivational Speaker
16+ years experience
Mount Everest stories
Leadership lessons galore
'Fall-off-the-bench' funny
Volunteers & interaction
Breakout sessions

"You spoke through the tornado that hit Pensacola and still had the audience in the palm of your hand. If you can captivate an audience over construction work one day and through a tornado the next, I'm confident you'll do a fabulous job for anyone else looking for a speaker."

Janice courson


"Our group of 500 gave you two standing ovations. One student fell off of his bench from laughing so hard.  Several students told me you were their favorite part of the conference. Plus, very meaningful and important leadership and goal-setting messages.”



"When John boarded the plane, my students started applauding and cheering! Right there on the airplane!  The flight attendant asked, "Who IS that guy?"  I tracked him down in the terminal and immediately booked him for two of our events and I'm so glad we did."



"Okay, sounds cool, but why is he inspiring for teen leaders? I mean, what does he actually speak about?"

'7 Summits' Adventures

Epic Mountain Tales

John's stories about climbing earth's tallest mountains are riveting, motivational, and hilarious. However, they're simply attention-getters for the real reason for the event: teaching your students goal-setting, resilience, and leadership.

Proven Success Strategies

Goal-Setting & Leadership

Each student in your audience walk away knowing how to pick their mountaintops, create a bomb-proof expedition plan,  keep climbing with resilience, persistence and grit... despite the obstacles they'll inevitably face.

Trusted, No-Hassle, & Fun

Your Best Event... Ever!

You need a sure-fire speaker who is easy to work with, will crush it on stage, and bring a powerful message based on a real-life story of a massive adventure.

"The advisors were thanking me for the best keynote in the history of our organization."

Judy Reynolds

Washington FBLA

Frequently Asked Questions

*Actually* asked questions by past clients!

How is John different from other youth motivational speakers?

There are three things that set youth motivational speaker John Beede apart from every other speaker who is out there:

1. He does NOT speak from the standard formula of, 'this bad thing happened, I overcame it... and you can too!" While that's often helpful and valuable, John teaches student leaders how to craft and architect the life, lifestyle, and society of their dreams, no matter their starting place. "You don't have to wait for a bad thing to happen to start your inspirational journey. You just have to decide to start," John says.

2. His stories come from real-life mountaineering adventures... and he's still climbing! John has climbed over 100 mountains in his life. Some big in size and notoriety, some unheard of. Therefore, while his lessons are supported by research, they aren't sourced from a textbook. They're real, one-of-a-kind adventures and not something that John did in the past. John still IS the person you hear on stage.

3. The multimedia is mind-blowing. The videos, music, and photos make John's events feel more like a motivational rock concert than just another boring 'speech.' You don't want your students thinking they are forced into listening. 

Can he offer a virtual keynote speech on Zoom or Teams?

John offers a pre-recorded 'mountaintop keynote' in which he climbs a literal mountain and, using a drone, GoPro, and 360 camera, he delivers the keynote to your audience from a literal mountaintop. 

He is also available for live virtual presentations from his home studio.

Please get in touch with your event dates and preferred option.

Does he offer workshops or breakout sessions?

Absolutely. Many groups add workshops to give students a richer experience. The workshops are 60% technical, 40% entertainment while the keynote is 60% entertainment, 40% technical.

In our experience, those who choose to attend breakout sessions get a richer learning experience from John as a result of the sessions. They are recommended for every event. 

Can John offer staff development training for our educators?

While 'staff development' is not John's specialty, he has successfully catered his workshops and keynote to be appropriate for educators in at least a dozen school districts; depending on your needs, he can do the same in yours. 

Does John speak for at-risk youth groups?

John's specialty and area of expertise is working with teen leaders. He does not believe that the finances, demographic, race, religion, politics, gender, or any other factor includes or excludes any audience from his talks. If your audience has young leaders, up-and-coming leaders, or even just kids with potential for leadership, John is ready to help you develop their skills.

Is John a great fit to speak to my high school students?

Absolutely. High school students love John's motivational presentations.

The ideal setting is in your theater with approximately 600 students or fewer per session.

Multiple sessions are best if your school has more students, but it's certainly not a dealbreaker for John to speak to larger audiences (his largest is 11,500 people at once).

While gymnasiums can work, the lighting, seating, acoustics, and A/V capabilities are nearly always subpar which in turn results in a less-than-ideal experience for your students.

Is John a great fit to speak to my middle school students?


Middle school students typically enjoy the stories and entertainment aspects of John's talks more than they're ready for the goal-setting aspects, but John crafts his presentation accordingly and is a smash hit with middle school and junior high school students.

What does it cost for John to speak at our event?

John is one of the top youth motivational speakers in the world and charges accordingly.

 Please contact us with your event dates and Brandon or Cristina with Top Youth Speakers will let you know John's rates. 

In case John's rates are outside of your budget's limits, they'll also be able to provide you with an alternative.

Is he, like, an annoying diva to work with?

The dude regularly sleeps while hanging from cliffs and spends his free time on glaciers while starving and thirsty.

He has few needs for creature comforts.

At your event, all this youth motivational speaker requests is a screen, projector, lighting, and sound system. He'll bring the rest, including laptop cables and microphone.

If he agrees to your event, it's because he wants to be there. Meaning, he will show up early and stay late, interacting with each and every person who's interested in chatting.

John prides himself in being 'super-easy to work with' and 'super-easy to book.' Email John's agent to get the ball rolling. 

My school/organization is interested. How can I get in touch?

Just tap or click one of the the 'BRING JOHN TO YOUR EVENT' buttons anywhere on this page.

"It was unanimous that John was one of, if not the best, speakers we've ever had."

Jim Ponder

RYLA Co-Chair

Acclaimed Workshops & Breakout Sessions

The 7 Habits of Highly Charismatic Teen Leaders

Workshop #1

Discover how to develop instant rapport with anyone you meet. You'll learn psychological principals to help you become a well-loved and charismatic leader! These 7 strategies work with elections, job interviews, college admissions, and more.

The Warrior Challenge: 8 Quests for Teen Leaders

Workshop #2

Student leaders will undergo an adventure of self discovery as they're challenged by 8 personal and interpersonal leadership quests. Teens will discover their leadership styles and how to discover their own purposeful cause to be a warrior for.

The Climb On! Success Goal-Setting Workshop

Workshop #3

A powerful goal-setting workshop that has students creating their own definition of a successful life. Attendees will design lifestyles that combine physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness. Priority rules and action statements will be created!

"The rousing and spontaneous standing ovation was an immediate indication of John's successful keynote. The most impressive aspect were the number of students who, during the rest of the conference, kept discussing amongst themselves their individual list of "summits" or goals to be reached. He truly did inspire them to "Climb On."

Renee Rebnord

South Dakota Association of Student Councils

"John's experience climbing to the top of Mt. Everest will inspire anyone to climb towards their life's greatest goals... and that's why we made his harrowing story a part of our 60 Minutes feature about the legendary mountain."

Jo Townsend

60 Minutes, Australia

"We had John speak at both the BPA and DECA state conferences to over 1,200 attendees. He had them laughing hysterically, gripped in suspense, and best of all, really thinking about their goals for the future."

Christine Phipps

New Mexico State Advisor


What Real Students Say About Youth Motivational Speaker, John Beede

Oh man i don't even know how to say how much i loved your speech... first of all, your enthusiasm was the best! you connected soo well with everyone and we appreciate that so much! You have no idea. Your stories were inspirational and I had an overall incredible time listening." 

Morgan M.

Massachusetts Student Leader

hey man you came to my school today and im usually sleeping during presentations but wowwwwowowow yours was great you taugt me alot in life what to do and the tips and that you can do anything you want you just have to live life to the fullest well you made a big impact on my life and i thank you again for the wonderful presentation YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL!"

Jared M.

Nevada High School Student

You were WONDERFUL. I always told myself anything was possible, but never truly believed it. You reminded me and assured me that anyone can do anything, they just have to have a good mindset. You set this positive energy in everyone and WITHOUT A DOUBT, CHANGED LIVES TODAY."

Alison P. 

Texas Association of Student Councils

NEVER BEFORE HAD I HEARD WORDS THAT WERE SO INSPIRING, that even today I can remember the pening line to your keynote. You made a big impact on my life and I thank you again for that wonderful presentation. You are my role model."

Alicia A.

California Student Leadership Conference Attendee

"Most speakers just drag the audience along. I actually did not want it to end when it did. I was sitting there, wanting more, which is something tough to get from a speaker. I came back for one of your workshops the next day because I wanted more. Most motivational speakers leave you thinking, "Yeah right," or "That's not possible." I left your workshop feeling more confident in myself, as if I could do anything. You're the best I've seen." 

John Thompson

Minnesota Conference Attendee

The way he started his speech was like nothing I have ever heard! The climbing story really got. me into his speech. I really loved it and I know more about leadership and success to help me in my new State President position. Climb On!"

Amanda L.

North Dakota Leadership Student

You had a completely different style of speaking that made you more interesting and more personable than other speakers. You were the favorite speaker of my entire state officer team. I'm glad we had a refreshingly different speaker like you to wake us up in the middle of the day."

Kenji Brown

Georgia Teen Leader

Out of all the speakers I was introduced to, you were my favorite. I felt that I could connect with you the most, because you told me a part of you, not just something that you've learned. The fact that you were interesting and funny, but were telling something personal, made you keep the attention of me and the other attendees."

Ashley D.

North Carolina Youth Business Leader

Your Students Will Thank You.

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