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John is a '7 Summits' climber, keynote speaker, author, global adventurer, and entrepreneur. Scroll for details.

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7 Summits Climber

During his 9 year adventure to the top of the tallest mountain on every continent, including Everest, John survived avalanches, pulmonary edema, tribal warfare, and a whole lot of Clif bars.

The Mountains:
South America - Aconcagua
North America - Denali
Europe - Elbrus
Africa - Kilimanjaro
Australasia - Carstensz Pyramid
Asia - Everest
Antarctica - Vinson Massif

Keynote Speaker

In keynote speeches, virtual presentations, and online courses, John's integrates outdoor adventure stories and proven peak-performance principles that have influenced nearly 1 million live audience members and 10 million online viewers.

Speaking Career Hilights:
Largest Audience: 11,500
Smallest Audience: 3
National keynote for every major youth organization
Presentations in 6 countries
48 US States
Hundreds of personal 'thanks' from students


John's books cover
Goal setting
Living by values
Self-care and fun
Choosing quality friends
Discovering purpose
Many more!


John has traveled to 67 countries and every continent. He competes in international kitesurfing events, has been struck by lighting, attacked by a 5-foot iguana, and he once did the hokey-pokey in the eye of a hurricane. He’s been swimming with Hammerhead, Great White, and Whale sharks. He was even trapped in the Indonesian jungle between warring tribes and the world’s largest goldmine. 

Upcoming adventures include:
Sail around the world
Climb Mt. Cook, NZ
Give 1 million to charity
Write NYT Bestseller
Get 'barreled' surfing
Family & kids


No, he's not sponsored and didn't inherit a trust fund, rather, he's a business builder, investor, and web marketer. He currently operates from Henderson, Nevada, USA, in order to be close to family (and great access to climbing!)

Business projects
5 membership websites
Vehicle rental business
Speaking & writing
Diversified investments
Real estate

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