Your Moment of Success

Podcast host asked me, “were you surprised when you reached the top?” 

I visualized, read every book, studied every photo, watched every film, read every blog, and i had a 360 image of what the top looked like. 

I woke up every morning and visualized it. Like, yeah, of course I’m here. of course I’m standing in this place I decided i would go to, made a plan to go to, prepared like a madman to reach, and then put in the work, effort, and determination to make it happen. of course I’m standing here. 

So while it wasn’t surprising, it was incredibly fulfilling. I was welling with pride like a graduate walking across a stage, I was in awe of the beauty, like a groom admiring a bride, i was tearing up. Like a marathon runner finishing a race, I was exhausted and elated, and like an astronaut reaching the moon, I was celebratory, yet vigilant, because i still had to get back to earth. 

What is that moment for you? How will you know when you’ve succeeded? 

Create a visual that is your moment of success. The moment when you will say, “yes, I have crossed the finish line. I have reached the top of the mountain. I have walked across the graduation stage.” 

races and mountains and education all have these very specific moments that are aspirational. They’re easy to visualize We can see them in our minds eye and we can dream about them. 

But those are society’s goals! 

I’m asking, what are YOUR summit moments for the goals you wrote down. 

That is your step for this assignment. You are to create a picture of success. 

You want to buy a home for your mother? Handing her the keys. Or blindfolding her and taking off the blindfold and showing her the view. 

You want to get a job working for a united states senator? It’s the moment you clip the security credentials on your shirt or when you are standing behind the podium introducing the senator for a big speech or when you simply bring her coffee in the morning as a page. 

For each of the 5, write down the moment. Write down the moment of success that is your definition of ‘this things has happened. it’s accomplished.’