Pre-Climb Team Meeting

Sit Down and have a gear check 

How to Grow in Strength
Tiny obstacle that you know you can do, but it’s still a little challenging.
One small task at a time.

You’re going to be creating 50 life goals. before you freak out, ahh thats so many! Ahh that’s a lot of work, ahhh you jerk! 

Trust me and trust the process. 

So you’re going to be getting the ones you’re not happy with to expand and the ones you are happy with the be either even better or to be sure they stay there. 

So there are some things to keep in mind as you go through this process: 

 1) Let it come from your soul. Don’t be flip. What i mean by that is dont put down stuff just because it sounds cool. I want a maserati. Yeah! And to skydive into a maserati. And then to drive it into the batcave where I live! And it’s gonna be on my own island where there are fireworks shot off for me every night any my personal chef who feeds me with chopsticks. And my billionaire dad will pay for it all! You could. I don’t want to take that dream from you. I think more likely, just like you don’t have a billionaire dad, you also don’t even want to be fed by a personal chef. One night would be kinda funny, but you don’t want the fireworks, because it’s not honest from your soul. But will does it speak to your soul? When I put down on my list, climb mt everest, I didn’t know my why. I figured it out in the process. I just knew it was something I had to and wanted to do. Same with this. 

2) Let it flow. In other words, don’t second-guess. If it comes to mind, put it down. It’s in you for a reason. And what you might discover is that I wanna drive a maserati. You know what? i actually do I have a dream car but it’s a Rivian SUV. And I truly genuinely do wanna go skydiving so that stays. Where do I want to live? Well, I want a waterfront house with snowcapped mountains visible from the water and a vibrant community of climbers and kiteboarders and yoga and funky arts like film festivals and events. I don’t really need fireworks, but I’d love to have a dog greet me at the door when I get home and a couple little rugrats. Maybe for you it’s a cat or 3 dogs or no kids at all because your fireworks is peace and quiet. And I don’t need a billionaire to pay for it because I want to be making courses like this one and making videos and writing books and delivering keynote speeches. So you can see here I’ve already come up with these goals for myself. 

3) Let it be big and bold. Dream big. Don’t hold back. There is no place for scaling back. Later is where we figure out how to make it happen.  Now the critical brain starts going, ok, but where are you gonna find a town like that, how you gonna pay for that? Be realistic. these are the three ways we usually cut ourselves short of what we really want. 

– I’m not enough
– That’s not realistic
– I could never afford that
– I can’t do everything
– Somebody else won’t let me

This is your process. This is coming from your soul. These are your dreams. All of those are not allowed here. We’re going to deal with them later, some even might be legit, you can’t do it all at once. But here’s the thing, this is your process. So don’t let those thoughts into your mind. If they do come to your mind, you change them to I am enough, I just haven’t discovered it yet. And you put it down. It’s not realistic with what I know and have right now, but if somebody else has figured it out, then so can I. And you put it down. if you think you could never afford that, you say I just haven’t figured out how just yet, but there is not pricetag to the desires of my soul and you put it down. I can’t do everything at once but there’s a smart way to make plans for multiple dreams at once.  put it down. And if somebody else won’t let you? Screw them. Ok, maybe not so intense, but if someone really and truly loves you, they are going to be the biggest cheerleader for the things you want to do with your life. Maybe they don’t have the same dream or vision as you just yet and they just need to be won over, maybe they need to be cut from your life or just ignored, but baby, if those things are truly from you then you cannot let the dreams of others dictate your life. Put. It. down. 

So the three most important items from this pre-climb team meeting are to let it come from your soul. Let it flow. Let it be big and bold.

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