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“As a teacher of the youth in outdoor education, adventure, and leadership for over a decade, I believe this book should be required reading for all children who are coming into their teenage years and beyond. Having gained new perspectives and insight myself as I read it, my sincere hope is that The Warrior Challenge becomes a household name as common as Dr. Seuss, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, or Harry Potter. I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that all students within my reach will read it.”

–Jamie Lee Denue, educator for at-risk youth

“Here’s to being a grown man, sitting at his desk with tears in his eyes. ‘Inner pain is not shameful.’ I hope these boys hear that from this book.”

– Chris Abbey, father of three

“I will be recommending this book to so many people in my life. No reservations. The Warrior Challenge is phenomenal. I have a son who is almost 12 years old. I’m so excited to use the concepts in a very real, tangible way, to help guide him as he becomes a man. The thoughtfulness in the book, the way John follows an arc that teaches a difficult concept, then helps the reader absorb it—so many rounds of applause. This is an important book that simply isn't out there in the marketplace in any way shape or form, as far as I can tell.”  

--Jennifer Spooner-Hunt, mother of three

“WOW! Talk about a page-turner. The Warrior Challenge is a guide that leads young boys on a journey to becoming men. John is open about his journey and, in doing so, challenges the reader to acknowledge where they can get better. His down-to-earth and motivational approach to empower young men is what is needed right now. I am confident that once a young man reads this book, they will be ready to build and create a legacy that makes the world a better place!” 

--Dr. Laymon Hicks, father of one and educator of at-risk youth

"I can tell that John is passionate about helping people to become better and had a gift in breaking down what seem like insurmountable choices into bite-size portions. His writing style in this book was very easy and exciting to read! I read with excitement about what the next challenge would be, but also loved how structured each question was. As a mom of boys and girls, I will definitely be going through these challenges with my own children! What a great resource for everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!"

--Janae Rowberry Walker, full-time mother of five

“This book is written in 2 worlds that are both of equal and extreme value to young men.  One world is pure immersion and the other is fully actionable. I was glued to the vivid stories and grateful for the practical insights that will better the lives of young men...and myself. Beautiful book that will change the lives of young men.”

--Blake Fleischacker, father of two and youth motivational speaker

“Let me just say that I love the approach of structuring the book as a challenge series filled with real-life stories that interject the reader as the hero. I am grateful John took on this challenge to instill good values into our rising generation facing challenges we never could have imagined for them.”

--Jenny Norton, full-time mother of seven

“I am 55 years old and the first thought I had after reading each of the stories in John's book was....How do I not know these amazing stories? The second thought I had was that I wanted my son to read the book. This book is for everyone. I enjoyed it immensely.”

–David Flood, father of two and youth motivational speaker.

“This book puts into words what good dads are teaching their sons. It puts emotional intelligence into age-appropriate words with exciting motivational examples to help prepare boys for the real world. I can think of so many boys who would benefit from this. It will be of value for many lifetimes of young men! It is also a great book for parents to read to their sons.”

--Laura Johnston, mother of three and nutritionist.

“Way to start discussions of sex, porn, dehumanizing women, and consent. I thought you nailed it. Honestly. I would have loved to read this section as a teen. Straightforward and to the point. Also, this book is super important for anyone who has been sexually assaulted. It could give them direction instead of feeling alone. And will help them recognize what has happened.  I’m sure you’ll save kids from abuse and the long term effects of not facing the abuse head on. At the end of the book, I feel a drive to better my own life!  Tons of tokens to keep the motivation alive and the stories that create a drive to keep reading on. I took things from it that I am going to put to use in my own life.”

--Tyson Hale, youth adventure guide and counselor.

“My son is brushing his teeth and reciting his Warrior Creed right now. He LOVES the book. I’ve got it loaded on my iPad and he’s been burning through it. Yesterday I asked him how he was liking it (this is before the tooth brushing) and he said ‘Well I’m not all the way through yet but, so far, five stars.’”

-- Kyle Scheele, father of two and teen motivational speaker

Warrior challenges young men to step up into an entirely new way of being. It weaves epic tales of heroism with an achievable set of rules to take ownership of the person you want to be. John Beede manages to wrangle the depths of masculinity into a very readable book!! This should be in schools everywhere!"

--Bridget Bloom, youth trauma and relationship counselor, sex therapist

"This book has the power to transform today’s generation of boys into tomorrow’s leaders. It motivates and inspires them to self-assess, break the mold, and set a new standard for how boys and men should act. Even more powerful, it challenges them to act as positive role models among their peers. As fun and action-packed as it is educational, the book is a truly brilliant approach to introducing complex issues and providing tools and solutions. It will undoubtedly will have a lasting impact on the life of each person who reads it – and the life of every person that reader interacts with."

Ashley Bendiksen – domestic abuse prevention educator and speaker for teens

“An essential read for every young man, The Warrior Challenge is the roadmap to manhood I wish I had when I was growing up. John Beede’s uniquely inspiring yet relatable tone will quickly captivate even the most difficult young readers. Packed with entertaining stories rich with all the core values we want our kids to embody, this easy read offers universal lessons that will help any kid excel in today’s complex world. Inclusive, insightful and empowering, this is the book our young men need right now. Having spent more than a decade working in education and leadership development, I’ve had thousands of books and resources pass through my inbox. I would rate The Warrior Challenge in the top 1% of books I’ve seen for this demographic.” – Shane Feldman, founder of the Count Me In movement, the largest youth-run empowerment event in the world.

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There's a new book called, "The Warrior Challenge: 8 Quests for Boys to Grow Up with Kindness, Courage, and Grit," by John Beede. Its aim is to help us raise a generation of young men who grow up with values like integrity, self-awareness, equality, and healthy boundaries. It tackles tough subjects so well, and I think it has the potential to create real change. Because of that, I thought I'd recommend it to you in case you're interested in featuring the book or the author. 

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The Warrior Challenge

8 Quests for Boys to Grow Up with Kindness, Courage, and Grit

This book teaches young men the strengths of compassion, resilience, values, healthy boundaries, and quality friendships. It's filled with comic book artwork, action guides, and heart-pounding stories about real-life heroes.

Available in Audiobook, eBook, and Hardcover

Subjects Covered:

1: Deciding to step up as a young man featuring a Maasai Warrior

2. Learn self awareness featuring a professional skateboarder

3. Determine one's values featuring an off-road racer.

3.5 Learn strength through vulnerability featuring me, an Everest climber.

4. Set healthy boundaries featuring a refugee from a communist country.

5. Create a healthy friend groups featuring two professional rock climbers. 

6. Develop grit and resilience featuring history's most famous Antarctic explorer.

6.5. Understand one's sexual drive and consent - straight talk.

7. Avoid toxic relationships featuring a former NFL player and film star.

8. Finding one's purpose featuring a civil war pirate.

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"The roadmap to manhood I wish I had when I was growing up."


Founder of the Count Me In movement, the largest youth-run empowerment event in the world

“This should be in schools everywhere!”


Youth trauma and relationship counselor

"This book has the power to transform today's generation of boys into tomorrow's leaders."


Domestic abuse prevention educator and youth speaker

About the Author

Global adventurer JOHN BEEDE climbed the tallest mountains on all seven continents. This includes summiting Mount Everest. He’s kitesurfed ocean waves three times his height in the South China Sea. He swam with sharks, jumped out of airplanes, and been struck by lightning. He was also trapped in the Indonesian jungle between warring tribes and the world’s largest gold mine. Yet, even with all these larger than life adventures, none of that defines him as a man. What's in The Warrior Challenge... does.

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